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Who we are

Parents For Future UK has a network of over 30,000 supporters. We act through building a resilient community, peaceful actions, and creative communications. All our campaigning is rooted in the latest climate science.

Formed in 2019 by a small group of mums, our aim was to inspire and engage more adults to join in the youth climate strikes.

We realised that the climate crisis will impact all children, that leaders aren’t doing enough to protect our kids and that parents have power if we work together.

Today we are the biggest parent climate movement in the UK – and growing fast. We value diverse ideas and voices and have built a supportive, inclusive, thriving community online and offline, with over 30 local groups across the UK.

What we do

A safe, thriving environment, is the best thing we could ever give to our children.
And we believe that our voices and actions can make a huge difference when we work TOGETHER. So we:
  • Campaign and partner with others to bring about big changes to our systems, from energy production to law
  • Create a supportive community where parents and carers can connect, learn about actions and solutions. And grow our impact in solidarity with the families most impacted by the climate crisis across the world
  • Develop local actions and networks so families can make an impact and build resilience within their communities.
  • Rowan Ryrie - Co Founder
    “Together we can be much more courageous than we can alone”.

Our values


Love for our children, people and nature is rooted in everything we do. It drives our campaigning, relationships and actions.


Climate justice is centred in our community and campaigning. We believe environmental, social and political struggles are all linked, and support solutions to the climate crisis that create a fairer and more just world.


We are actively committed to growing an inclusive community. Encouraging individual and community growth.


We believe that action, rooted in knowledge and courage, leads to hope.


We are not tied to any organisation, political party or corporation.

  • Sandra Freij - Co Founder
    “I’m rising to this challenge, so my kids know I did everything I could while there was still time.”


  • The future starts now. Our kid’s future starts now. We are campaigning for their today and all their tomorrows.

    Our world systems aren’t structured around any thought for the future and that is burning a hole in our planet’s resources. We need future thinking in everything we do.

  • Parents and carers will do anything to protect the kids we love. By working together, we have power to protect our kids’ planet and challenge those who are harming it.

    We all want our kids to thrive and to have a fairer, safer world for children everywhere.

Global network

The work we must do to protect this generation and future generations requires co-operation of global proportions and scale. That’s why we play an active role in a global network of parent and intergenerational climate groups spanning 28 countries across 5 continents.


  • Charlotte Howell Co-director - comms
  • Lucie Brown Co-Director - movement building
  • Raeeka Yassaie Social Media co-ordinator
  • Rowan Ryrie Co-Founder
  • Will Rahman-Daultrey Campaigns lead