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As it becomes more evident that climate and ecological breakdown are a clear and present danger to our safety and wellbeing, we increasingly need to talk about what our changing world means for us in terms of impacts at personal, family and societal level. We need to imagine it in some detail so as to be able to think about it clearly and constructively, and to explore some complex feelings and thoughts which may often be taboo and hard to talk about.

With sturdy enough support structures in place, most people can sustain challenging feelings without either dissociating and numbing or going into blind panic. They can engage with difficult truths whilst staying connected and grounded.

Climate cafés offer a warm and confidential space for parents and carers to explore their emotions with others who feel them too.

This session is capped at 8 places to allow space and time for all to participate. Please do sign up if you’re interested in joining, and if you can’t make it please do let us know so that we can free your space up for someone else.