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In her book ‘Parenting on Earth’, drawing on the insights of philosophy and the experience of parent activists, Elizabeth Cripps calls for parents to think radically about exactly what we owe our children–and everyone else.

She shows how our children’s needs are inseparable from the fate of the earth and the fortunes of others and how much is at stake in parenting today. And she asks the hardest question: should we have kids at all?

She explains, with bracing clarity, why those raising kids today should be a force for change and bring up their children to do the same.

In this call, we welcome writer and philosopher Elizabeth Cripps for a Q&A style evening to discuss the challenges of parenting in the climate crisis, navigating the decisions to have children, how to raise them to face the world ahead and how to drive forward positive change for our children’s futures.

Please RSVP for joining details, and do share this event with friends & family.