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  • Jelly Mae Moring
    Sustainability expert. Climate Justice and Warm This Winter campaigner.
  • Rowan Ryrie
    Co-Founder of Parents for Future UK, Global and of the Climate Parent Fellowship. Int. Human Rights and Environmental lawyer. Climate campaigner and movement organiser.
  • Susan O'Leary
    Senior Lecturer in Participatory Democracy. Climate justice campaigner.
  • Lucie Brown
    Movement building lead. Human rights and climate justice campaigner. Community resilience expert.
  • Charlotte Howell
    Climate justice and fossil fuel campaigner. Organiser and climate communications expert. Nature advocate.
  • Raeeka Yassaie
    Climate and social Justice campaigner. Poet and social media expert.
  • Alcia Loach
    District Councillor. Sustainable homes expert.
  • Helen Forester
    Climate justice campaigner. Accessible nature advocate and writer.
  • Sophie Williams
    Healthcare professional in the NHS. Climate justice campaigner and organisational development expert.